Photo by Madalyn Nault

Photo by Madalyn Nault

Hi, I'm anastasia.

Growing up my Dad had a photo box filled with polaroids and papery square photographs of himself. I was born when he was 45; he had lived an entire life before my sister and I came along. Dad on a cruise, Dad at a wedding, Dad in front of the White House. Dancing! Playing the guitar! Pointing a gun! Standing in front of a house with a 6. 

My dad is from Greece and also from another generation. His connection to us was strong and deep but not always verbal. Holding his photos in my hands, I felt connected to him. I had something I had always wanted: access to his story, his emotions, his joys. As a girl he would take polaroids of my sister and I, usually standing in front of his car (why not). I loved that camera. 

So it began, my love affair with the physical photograph. My mom reinforced it with her own wonderfully disorganized printing process - family photos in plastic boxes, stacked on shelves, closets, in boxes in the garage. When I was old enough to realize I wasn't going to be a painter like her, I found my way to a camera and starting documenting life around me.

Photographing sits deep in my heart as something irrepressible, something I have to do. I began with street and travel photography, and after having my two beautiful girls, realized that the family story is where the needle of my heart is stuck. Because the human story is the family story, always. After several years of a typical digital photography business, I left that model feeling a void of depth in creating what I felt was essentially beautiful profile pictures. Enter Kith&Kin.